Bea Miller Instagram: Why To Follow

Bea Miller Instagram and why you have to follow…keep reading:

Bea Miller is a young girl from New Jersey with child face but very strong voice. She is really very talented. I am just in love with her voice.

My First Impression of Bea Miller

I love music, and as less effects the music has, the more I like it. So, I am a big fan of covers for the famous songs. Boyce Avenue is my favorite team which makes with songs something really special. Once listening for their list, I heard so tender “ho-oo-ho-oo”…it was Bea Miller. (It was “We can’t Stop”).  Besides her magic voice, I was impressed by her hair color. Bea Miller hairstyles are always different and look so cute on her…but this one…made me run to the stylist and color my hair the same. What do you think about the color?

Bea Miller

Bea Miller

Bea Miller Instagram

Of course, I decided directly to find her Instagram and follow her. By the way, here is the link to her Instagram account. Well, her Instagram account up to the moment has more than one thousand posts, and 1.6 million followers (I am one of them). Once, I came to her account, I discovered that she is no more blonde now (it’s a pity) but brown long hair looks also well.

Bea Miller Instagram

Bea Miller Instagram

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Important to not that the young singer is so active to share her photos that fans can’t complain on the lack of attention from her side. As example she just shared three photos from her new video clip…and I was one who watched the video in first one thousand. Did you watch? What do you think about her new song? Share your opinion in comments below.

Despite the fact of the large followers’ number she doesn’t overuse her account for getting income. The celebrity shares advertising very rare (so rare that I even don’t remember when it was last time). Most Bea Miller’s photos are personal. She shares every moment of her life.

Bea Miller Instagram History

What can you say watching her Instagram page…Well, she is very beautiful, even without makeup (which is rare case nowadays), she likes tattoo and pets, especially dogs.

Bea Miller Instagram

Bea Miller Instagram

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Did she change from the time of X factor? Sure she did, and these changes are called growing up and make up but she is still the same cute Bea that we saw few years ago for the first time.

What Do We Know About Bea Miller?

The singer was born February 7, 1999. She got her popularity since the participation in X Factor project, where she got ninth place. Her debut album called “Not an apology” was released on 2015.

According to the facts on her personal life, she has two mothers and two younger adopted sisters. She was in relationship with the singer Jacob Whitesides for one year (2015-2016).

The most popular singles of Bea Miller are:

  • “Young Blood” (2014)
  • “Fire n Gold” (2015)
  • “Yes Girl” (2016)
  • “Song Like You” (2017)

Besides singer career, she is also successful actress, in her filmography there are more than 15 roles in different movies, including but not limited by:

  • “Wonder Pets”
  • “Yes, Virginia”
  • “To big to Fail”
  • “Mary and Martha”
  • etc

Bea Miller and Her Fans

Looking through her Instagram comments, you’ll find 100s “I love you” under every photo. The same as fans love her and protect from haters, Bea Miller loves her fans and followers.

If you’ll ever have a chance to see her alive on the concert, you understand what I’m speaking about. She loves traveling, she really wish to interact with her fans. She hears what do people say about her. Please to be to strict in judging her, she is still a kid.

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