Instagram of Cristina Pedroche

Instagram of Cristina Pedroche is the first name what appears when you are looking for celebrity Instagram. She is crazy popular. Would you like to know why? Keep reading…

Instagram stars the millennium of re-understanding of what the word “celebrity” means. Many people who could be unknown became celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram. One of such Stars is Cristina Pedroche. She is more famous among Spanish speaking audience, but I believe that English speaking audience will find much interesting on her account too.

Let’s get a look together, what makes her page so special.

Cristina Pedroche: Instagram

Cristina Pedroche

Cristina Pedroche

Well, she is a model. Objectively, quite nice, isn’t she? She shares posts with food, animals, as well as she recommends some exercises to keep the perfect body. I think that her honest smile is her main secret of having 1,4 million of followers. Such amount of followers of course leads to the huge interest of advertisers.  Almost every of her photos are commented by her mentioning sponsors’ accounts.

What makes Cristina Pedroche’s instagram funny, is that she loves unicorns! With enviable regularity she publishes pictures of these fabulous animals.

Who is Cristina Pedroche?

The girl was born 30 October 1988 in Spain, Madrid. Cristina Pedroche studied business administration and tourism. Then she started to work as reporter. Brown hair pretty woman is 170 cm tall with 90-64-92 measurements. If you decided to present cloths for her, her size is 36 (EU) = 4 (US), and her beautiful feet have size 37. Amazing parameters.  Is this the main secret of her popularity? Or her happy and beautiful smile?

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