Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram is one of the most popular keywords in google. And I don’t wonder!

Sex in the City

I am a big fan of Sara Jessica Parker since the moment when I saw her in the “Sex in the City”. I loved her character, that shoe-addicted lady and of course the way she was thinking. Through new seasons, new movies we were able to follow the changes the character have had.

For sure the character effected the actress much. Till now  Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram has photos from the cult series.

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram

Single and fabulous “question mark”? Sarah Jessica Parker likes to ask her followers on their opinion and thus is loved by all her fans.

And of course, her Instagram is full of shoes. Sara Jessica Parker the same as Carrie Bradshaw is shoes addicted. Whenever you come to her account, you would think: “What? Did she again buy new shoes” But they are actually so cool. I am as a lady dreaming to have one of them. Pink, blue, green, and overall shoes in any color are available to see in her profile. What about you? Which are your favorite shoes of Sarah?

What Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram Stands For?

Based on the photos from the celebrity’s Instagram, she likes sport. Which is expected with her amazing shape. She is active runner, and for sure shares this memories with her fans.

The most what I love in her profile is that videos that she shares. All of them are really full of positive mood, and I wish to laugh together with her.

Do you know any one who didn’t ever had in hes/her Instagram? That instafood hashtags and so on? Well, if you know, I have to write an article about, as most people do, Sarah Jessica Parker also shares her breakfasts, lunches, and dinners on the Instagram.  From her Instagram we can know that she can fry eggs…would you like to have breakfast with her. As for me, I don’t care what she will cook, but I’ll be the happiest ever to try something Sarah cooks.

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram Beauty

It’s not a secret that among millions of her followers there are some who make presents for Sarah. The actress shares photos of amazing flowers as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram

Sarah Jessica Parker Instagram

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